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Long Tail ProHere is a working version of Long Tail Pro Crack for you. It is the latest updated version and is working fine. Download it as soon as possible before it become obsolete.

Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research tool in the market. What it does is the most important thing in SEO. Without proper keyword research your website is doomed from the start.  If we can do this part well then success will become much easier.

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The cracked version is not made by the author or anyone related to this site. It is collected from elsewhere.

The cracked version of Longtail Pro Platinum is for those who have not any money to buy the original version. Please, if you can afford than buy the original version.

Why Long Tail Pro is Important?

With the help of LPT you can find out the low hanging fruits. There are many such keywords which are very profitable yet without much competition. Now, it is your chance to grab it as soon as possible and make a niche site around it (or an authority site). After that write some awesome content, make some quality back links and laugh your way to bank. So, Long Tail Pro is actually a golden tool. Get it as soon as possible:-


download Long Tail Pro Platinum Crack

What is Long Tail Keyword?

Long Tail Keyword is the combination of many single keywords. Actually, it is three or four or more words combined with a target or seed keyword.  For example, “shark” is a keyword. It is searched by many people. But as a keyword it is not very targeted. Now, “great white shark” is a long tail keyword as it narrows the subject down. There are longer and more narrowly targeted keywords topics are also possible like “great white shark facts”, “great white shark habitat”, “great white shark attack” etc.

These long tails usually gets much less traffic than the main seed but is also targeted by less number of keywords. Everyone knows about the seed or bigger more popular versions of a keyword, but long tails are relatively unknown. There can be some such long tails with good buyer traffic and very low competition. Tools like Long Tail Pro help you to get these keywords easily,


LTP is a very fast tool. You need to put a seed keyword to get thousands of related long tail versions of it.

You can select and sort these keywords according to search volume (both local and global), CPC, number of words etc.

It shows CPC (cost per click) of each keyword. It is very useful for Adsense sites. CPC is the money Google charge from each advertiser for each click on that particular keyword. If it is high then your income per click will also be higher.

You will get KC or Keyword Competitiveness score. That score is calculated after judging the top SERP results for that search term. LTP judges keyword relevancy in title and URL, number of backlinks, Page authority, and domain authority of all the top sites. After that it calculates KC score of each keyword.

Long Tail Pro KC Score

Long Tail Pro calculates keyword competitiveness of each. Low KC means easier to rank but high KC indicates very difficult to rank keywords.

The scale is 0 to 100. If the KC score is 0 to 10 then that keyword is very easy to rank. KC 10 to 20 also indicates very low competition.  20-30 indicates some low level of competition that can be surpassed without much effort. 30-40 is moderate but 40-50 is high KC. The keywords that score above 60 must be avoided. You can’t get any rank using these.

So, which keyword is best to target. If you use LTP for keyword research then it would be best to find keywords that have KC >30, a minimum monthly search volume of 1500.and at least $1 CPC.

You can find out many such good keywords using LTP. After that, if you use some good content and some good comment backlinks and a few Web 2.0, you will rank within top 3 easily. Here is an example.

One of my friends has collected 10 very good high CPC and low KC keywords for his website. He ranked well in all of these within 3 months. His result was very good, in top 5 for all the target keywords. Performance of his website for best 5 keywords:-

KW         Search Vol           CPC        Position (average)

1              2500                       1.5          1.3

2              1200                       1.3          1

3              4500                       1.2          3.5

4              1100                       1.4          1

5              1100                       1.2          2.5

Overall, he got an average of 11000 unique visitors (19000 page views) from all these keywords and some more closely related long terms for which he ranked automatically. The average CPC was 1.2 and average CTR 2%. So, his average monthly income was 19000*2/100*1.2 = $228 per month. So, you can see the possibility here.

In my opinion long tail keywords are not best for adsense sites. It would be more profitable for Amazon or any other affiliate sites. A small volume buyer keyword is much more profitable than any high CPC adsense happy keyword.

Now, download LTP as quick as possible before this page is taken down:-


How to Download Long Tail Pro Platinum

To do it you need to share this page in social media first. Just, click the share button of any of the social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Stumbleupon.

After sharing the post you will get the download link.

Now, download the zip file and follow the instructions given on it to get the password.

After that extract the Long Tail Pro Platinum cracked version on your PC and enjoy its awesome features.  You need a free Seomoz and a Google account to run this tool.

Note: If the copy of LTP does not run on your machine then you need to install or update Adobe Air on your PC.

Note: If you able to make some money using Long Tail Pro Platinum Crack, please buy the original version from the developer. He deserved the amount for what he did.


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